Sunday, May 6, 2012

Almost There

Bob was the meat in a man sandwiched. One slice was Tecumseh sucking mightily on his cock, while the opposite slice consisted of & Tecumseh's hot black stud friend Garner, who's prick was alternately poking & sliding in, on & around the outskirts of Bob's butt crack ! Since leaving Kenny Wyatt's three days earlier, he & Cumseh had made their way languidly southward to Texas, stopping here & there, to rest & take in the local scene. Tecumseh seemed to have an old friend or aquaintance in  every town or city they stopped in, & those reunions, like the initial one in Illinois with Kenny, seemed all to end the same way. With the explosive, convulsive discharging of one Indian cock, one Caucasian cock, plus a third cock of varying ethnicity ! Bob  felt as if he'd had more sex with more guys in the past week than he'd had in the previous 8 years, when he'd first starting acting on his queer impulses !
 Following the Kenny visit, they'd moved on to Missouri & met up with Cumseh's pal Jason in Jefferson City. Jason Eld, a thick necked, somewhat beer bellied, 6ft tall warehouse foreman. Jason, like many supposedly straight blue collar types, possessed a greedy asshole, hungry for cock, which Bob & Tecumseh took turns tag teaming for most of their visit. It was also Bob's introduction to Double Penetration ! ( Bob had totally lost it as he felt Cumseh's pulsating dick rubbing against his own inside Jason's butthole. It was a different experience that Bob would never forget ! )  The following morning,  they drove on to Springfield, wherein resided Cumseh's old school pal Melvin Whitehawk ! ( In fact, this 'school pal', a dark, middle-aged,  melon ass'd, Native American, had been Tecumseh's former teacher, rather than schoolmate. ) Melvin, now a writer of Historical Biographies & in the middle of edits on his upcoming book, had thrown pen, paper & heels to the air upon Tecumseh's unexpected appearance at his door ! Tecumseh was not so directly involved in the action this time, mostly keeping in the background. He drove the sexual interactions of Bob & Mel from the sidelines, like a sort of Ringmaster at an Erotic Circus ! Bob was the Star Attraction in this particular Big Top Production & he performed with the greatest of sleaze ! 
   Now,  he & Cumseh were having a hastily arranged fuck session in an unused storage room on Ft. Sill Army Base outside Lawton, Oklahoma with young, hung, Black Staff Sergeant Garner Manning ! Bob was still pretty amazed at how easily he & Tecumseh had been allowed onto the military base, in the first place. He wondered how Garner & Tecumseh had initially met, since he knew Cumseh had never served in the military. ( He also wondered how Manning's afro had managed to escape Military Dress Code scrutiny ! )  Staff Sergeant Manning was, so far, the first of Tecumseh's pals who was unmarried & didn't self identify as bisexual !  "I'm Gay !", Staff Sergeant Manning had said, when they were alone in his office."The Army is my Life & my Life is the Army's ! But my cock, well, that's it's own separate entity ! Ha,Ha ! " Bob had been eager for the by now fully expected & anticipated 3-way to come, but both he & even Tecumseh himself, were taken aback when Staff Sergeant Garner Manning suggested they all go for it  "Right Here ! Right Now !" on base ! 
"Most of the Brass is away, so things are pretty quiet 'round here, at the moment ! My regular boy was discharged -honorably- about 2 weeks ago & I'm fuckin' horny !"
They'd quickly jumped into Sergeant Manning's jeep & headed to a far off corner of the base where several abandoned looking Quonset huts stood. "Gentlemen, these are our unofficial base 'fuck huts' & you two are the first civilians to gain entry ! Now, let's us three go inside & drop trousers !"

Later, Bob & Cumseh lay naked together in bed eating Chinese take away in a Tulsa motel not far from the Oral Roberts University. They had both been ravenously hungry after their recent military maneuver & there'd been almost no conversation between them since they'd cracked open the boxes of food !
"Been a heck of a trip, so far.", Bob said suddenly.
"Uh, huh.", Tecumseh nodded & grunted, his mouth full of egg noodles. Then after swallowing, " We'll be in Mudflap sometime tomorrow."
"Mudflap, at last.", Bob said distractedly. Bob put aside his last remaining box of wonton & turn onto his side facing Tecumseh."I wanna thank ya, Cumseh, for the trip & everything."
"Ain't nothin', Bob. Shit, you're doing most of the driving !"
"That's not what I mean. This..."., Bob searched for an appropriate word, but finding none, said, "  This...'Honeymoon Trip' & all the fuckings along the way... Those have been a kind'a wedding present to me from you; right ?"
Tecumseh dumped his tray of food into the waste bin, but said nothing. Bob continued, "You knew I hadn't sowed nearly as many wild oats as you before we met. And you wanted I should get all my wild oats sowed, harvested & out'a the way. Am I right ?"
"Kind'a like that; yeah.", Cumseh said quietly.
"Can't say I haven't enjoyed myself, man." Bob said, placing a hand on his man's stomach. " It's been a slow trip, but a crazy wild one ! But, Cumseh baby, if this is 'cause you're thinking I won't be satisfied with just you..." 
Tecumseh sat upright. " I ain't the insecure type, Bob, if that's what you're getting at." Tecumseh stood on both feet in bed & faced Bob. " Look ! I wanted you to have some fun. I wanted to have some fun, myself ! Aaaand, I wanted to see some old pals ! But that's all, Bob !" 
Bob, having learned something over the past few months of his relationship with his head strong Indian lover, simply nodded & said, "Alright.".
Tecumseh relaxed & lay back down on the bed. Pacified, he scooted up close to Bob, grabbed his hand & placed it back on his stomach. "So, you've had a good time, huh ?"
Bob lay his chin atop Tecumseh's head. He loved the feel of Cumseh's long, dark hair. One of the many things he found irresistable about him ! "Yeah. A good time.", Bob said & added truthfully, "Although the moments I look forward to most & always will, are when it's just you & me, babe."
Tecumseh chose not to respond. Instead, he reached over, turned off the light & proceeded to give Bob another one of those looked forward to Moments. 

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