Sunday, May 6, 2012

Almost There

Bob was the meat in a man sandwiched. One slice was Tecumseh sucking mightily on his cock, while the opposite slice consisted of & Tecumseh's hot black stud friend Garner, who's prick was alternately poking & sliding in, on & around the outskirts of Bob's butt crack ! Since leaving Kenny Wyatt's three days earlier, he & Cumseh had made their way languidly southward to Texas, stopping here & there, to rest & take in the local scene. Tecumseh seemed to have an old friend or aquaintance in  every town or city they stopped in, & those reunions, like the initial one in Illinois with Kenny, seemed all to end the same way. With the explosive, convulsive discharging of one Indian cock, one Caucasian cock, plus a third cock of varying ethnicity ! Bob  felt as if he'd had more sex with more guys in the past week than he'd had in the previous 8 years, when he'd first starting acting on his queer impulses !
 Following the Kenny visit, they'd moved on to Missouri & met up with Cumseh's pal Jason in Jefferson City. Jason Eld, a thick necked, somewhat beer bellied, 6ft tall warehouse foreman. Jason, like many supposedly straight blue collar types, possessed a greedy asshole, hungry for cock, which Bob & Tecumseh took turns tag teaming for most of their visit. It was also Bob's introduction to Double Penetration ! ( Bob had totally lost it as he felt Cumseh's pulsating dick rubbing against his own inside Jason's butthole. It was a different experience that Bob would never forget ! )  The following morning,  they drove on to Springfield, wherein resided Cumseh's old school pal Melvin Whitehawk ! ( In fact, this 'school pal', a dark, middle-aged,  melon ass'd, Native American, had been Tecumseh's former teacher, rather than schoolmate. ) Melvin, now a writer of Historical Biographies & in the middle of edits on his upcoming book, had thrown pen, paper & heels to the air upon Tecumseh's unexpected appearance at his door ! Tecumseh was not so directly involved in the action this time, mostly keeping in the background. He drove the sexual interactions of Bob & Mel from the sidelines, like a sort of Ringmaster at an Erotic Circus ! Bob was the Star Attraction in this particular Big Top Production & he performed with the greatest of sleaze ! 
   Now,  he & Cumseh were having a hastily arranged fuck session in an unused storage room on Ft. Sill Army Base outside Lawton, Oklahoma with young, hung, Black Staff Sergeant Garner Manning ! Bob was still pretty amazed at how easily he & Tecumseh had been allowed onto the military base, in the first place. He wondered how Garner & Tecumseh had initially met, since he knew Cumseh had never served in the military. ( He also wondered how Manning's afro had managed to escape Military Dress Code scrutiny ! )  Staff Sergeant Manning was, so far, the first of Tecumseh's pals who was unmarried & didn't self identify as bisexual !  "I'm Gay !", Staff Sergeant Manning had said, when they were alone in his office."The Army is my Life & my Life is the Army's ! But my cock, well, that's it's own separate entity ! Ha,Ha ! " Bob had been eager for the by now fully expected & anticipated 3-way to come, but both he & even Tecumseh himself, were taken aback when Staff Sergeant Garner Manning suggested they all go for it  "Right Here ! Right Now !" on base ! 
"Most of the Brass is away, so things are pretty quiet 'round here, at the moment ! My regular boy was discharged -honorably- about 2 weeks ago & I'm fuckin' horny !"
They'd quickly jumped into Sergeant Manning's jeep & headed to a far off corner of the base where several abandoned looking Quonset huts stood. "Gentlemen, these are our unofficial base 'fuck huts' & you two are the first civilians to gain entry ! Now, let's us three go inside & drop trousers !"

Later, Bob & Cumseh lay naked together in bed eating Chinese take away in a Tulsa motel not far from the Oral Roberts University. They had both been ravenously hungry after their recent military maneuver & there'd been almost no conversation between them since they'd cracked open the boxes of food !
"Been a heck of a trip, so far.", Bob said suddenly.
"Uh, huh.", Tecumseh nodded & grunted, his mouth full of egg noodles. Then after swallowing, " We'll be in Mudflap sometime tomorrow."
"Mudflap, at last.", Bob said distractedly. Bob put aside his last remaining box of wonton & turn onto his side facing Tecumseh."I wanna thank ya, Cumseh, for the trip & everything."
"Ain't nothin', Bob. Shit, you're doing most of the driving !"
"That's not what I mean. This..."., Bob searched for an appropriate word, but finding none, said, "  This...'Honeymoon Trip' & all the fuckings along the way... Those have been a kind'a wedding present to me from you; right ?"
Tecumseh dumped his tray of food into the waste bin, but said nothing. Bob continued, "You knew I hadn't sowed nearly as many wild oats as you before we met. And you wanted I should get all my wild oats sowed, harvested & out'a the way. Am I right ?"
"Kind'a like that; yeah.", Cumseh said quietly.
"Can't say I haven't enjoyed myself, man." Bob said, placing a hand on his man's stomach. " It's been a slow trip, but a crazy wild one ! But, Cumseh baby, if this is 'cause you're thinking I won't be satisfied with just you..." 
Tecumseh sat upright. " I ain't the insecure type, Bob, if that's what you're getting at." Tecumseh stood on both feet in bed & faced Bob. " Look ! I wanted you to have some fun. I wanted to have some fun, myself ! Aaaand, I wanted to see some old pals ! But that's all, Bob !" 
Bob, having learned something over the past few months of his relationship with his head strong Indian lover, simply nodded & said, "Alright.".
Tecumseh relaxed & lay back down on the bed. Pacified, he scooted up close to Bob, grabbed his hand & placed it back on his stomach. "So, you've had a good time, huh ?"
Bob lay his chin atop Tecumseh's head. He loved the feel of Cumseh's long, dark hair. One of the many things he found irresistable about him ! "Yeah. A good time.", Bob said & added truthfully, "Although the moments I look forward to most & always will, are when it's just you & me, babe."
Tecumseh chose not to respond. Instead, he reached over, turned off the light & proceeded to give Bob another one of those looked forward to Moments. 

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Friday, May 4, 2012


Q-Bubba McClintock, his ball's drained & his libido mostly satiated, slid out of Doryl's freshly sperm pumped asshole and onto the floor of the Allenvale University locker room. Q-Bubba smiled & stifled a little laugh as he recalled how, 20 minutes earlier, surprised to find that he wasn't alone, he'd firmly resolved in his mind that despite the unintended Siren Call of Allenvale's Star Jock's bare butt , the situation was not going to result in Doryl's ass being plowed ! " 'Ceptin', I must'a fergot to tell muh willy-bone !", he thought to himself ! " T'ain't my fault, though. I s'pects they ain't a cock in denim nor slacks can resist stirrin' up some mischief in that big ol' bootie hole of his'n !" Had he said the words out loud, they might've come across as insulting, but Q-Bubba indeed meant them as the sincerest compliment !
  Q-Bubba knew he needed to get moving. Aside from the risk of getting caught in the very definition of a compromising position ( Allenvale U. might be the  Progressive Institution in this part of  Texas, but even they frowned on students and/or faculty blatantly fucking on campus ! ), he had lots to do before his date with Bjorn that evening ! His & BJ's skate date in Denton had gone so well, that they'd made plans to do it again the following Saturday, but before then he had to drive over to his Uncle's in Mudflap. He'd been told about the upcoming arrival of KC's old pal Tecumseh that morning by phone. "Not sure how long he's planning on staying, but we thought we'd set him up in your old room, if that's okay with you.", EuEarl had said. Living on campus, Q-Bubba was more than okay with it. He also determined to buy & install a new pane of glass to replace the current one, cracked in 3 places & held together by duck tape, the next day. It was, Q-Bubba felt,  the least he could do, since he was directly responsible for introducing those 3 cracks into that window in the first place.
   One early Monday morning, seven months earlier, he had been on his way home from a 4 day weekend in Houston & had come across a hitchhiker thumbing for a lift & holding a sign that read 'Hunters Hollow, KY'.  The weekend, while fun, had been sexually something of a bust for Q-bubba & this hitchhiker, a slender, long dark hair'd, bearded fellow, was stretching the limits of the seat of a pair of  the tightest tie-dyed jeans Q-Bubba felt he'd ever seen. And so, foolhardy as it was, he'd instantly pulled over & offered the guy, who wasn't much older than Q-Bubba himself, a ride. The hitchhiker, a musician named Raymond, smelled of  heat & sweat , as one would after walking for who knows how long under a Texas Sun in early September, but once seated inside Q-Bubba's massive Polara, an up close view revealed that the promise of those exquisitely eye-popping, taunt, jiggling buttocks, hinted at from yards away, would not be reneged upon  ! They'd not gone very far in conversation or miles before it was mutually agreed that they should make a quick rest stop ! After that, having wiped his mouth on the back of his hand, Q-Bubba would have willingly driven his new friend all the way to Kentucky backward, had he asked ! Instead, he took the next detour that would head him in the direction of his uncle's home in Mudflap County. Both uncles would be at work, so why pay for the cost of a motel room when his old room was waiting there for him & free?
    It was about half past 11:00am when he & Ray drove up. They'd stopped twice more on the way. Once so that Ray could partake of a reciprocal 'rest stop', then again for a brief, yet intense, makeout session behind a K Mart ! Sending up a cloud of  red dust, Q-Bubba schreeched to a halt in his uncle's driveway ! Both he & Ray were so horned up by this point, that they could easily have crashed the door in, had it not been locked ! It was then that Q-Bubba remembered that he'd left his house key in his dorm room the preceding Friday ! A quick trip to the rear door proved equally un-assailable. That's when he got the idea of crawling through the window of his old bedroom, which he always kept unlatched, as he'd done hundreds of times over the years . Of course, in years past, he hadn't been in nearly a boned up hurry as he, at the time,  found himself to be. And in his haste to get inside & into Ray's tie-dye clad love buns, Q-Bubba had completely forgotten about the wobbly front left leg of the dresser that stood beneath his window. Although there was no risk of collapse, the forgotten wobble had caused him to lose his grip temporarily on the dresser & pitch forward ! This resulted in his legs wildly flailing up & about erractically, which in turn lead to his right boot heel connecting heavily against the window glass. While the glass didn't shatter,  2 long cracks, one of which would later spawn a third, grew prodigiously across the expanse of the pane !
    To his credit, KC & EuEarl's nephew Q-Bubba did leave a note of confession for his uncles, made lighter by the omission of  one or two irrelevant details, as he saw them. But later, on visits home, he would feel a twinge of guilt looking at those 3 cracks in the window. It had always been his intention to replace it & out of his own pocket, too, but for all those guilty twinges, Q-Bubba could never quite muster up enough guilt fed initiative to actually put aside both money & time to do so. And he could never honestly guilt himself into action by saying that his 3 hour flip/flop fuck'n'suck with Ray hadn't been worth the cost of a broken window glass or the gasoline for the subsequent trip as far north as Oklahoma City !  It had been !
( Even KC had been prompted to say to EuEarl, as they both stood in the room surveying the damage, that, "By the whiff 'a things, whoever it was must'a been a smashin' piece'a hot ass !" )
Now, however, with a guest on the horizon & a long ago developed sense of love & duty towards his uncles, Q-Bubba had determined to finally make good on his responsibility this very day !
   With both hands, Q-Bubba playfully paddled a still dazed, but willingly abused, Doryl on his cushiony meat bongos, then stood up ! "Gotta go, son ! Sweet ride ! Thanks !" , and with a wink & a smile, Q-Bubba grabbed a clean towel & sprinted towards the showers !
    Doryl Smutney-Medvedik, left alone in his stickiness, propped himself up by the elbows onto the bench, laid the left side of his face against it's cool surface, then let out a long, & heartbreakingly pathetic, sigh....

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vernice Voutrell

It was EuEarl's idea to go into town to FEES', the local grocery store. "If we're gonna have company, we need to stock up. And replace that cracked window glass in Q-Bubba's old room !".  KC groaned inwardly, but realizing EuEarl was right, kept it to himself. A trip to FEES' was both inevitable & necessary, he knew, as it was the best & nearest place to shop, but his poor Nebraska heart was filled with dread at the thought of dealing with Vernice Voutrell !
It was a cart filled to the brim that KC pushed towards the checkout, with EuEarl just ahead, hand firmly gripping & guiding the front ! It was generally slow around 10am. That, as well as the nearly deserted parking lot, would have lead an observer to believe that they'd be rung out & on their way in very short  order ! However,  the Boys knew better. So, reaching the lone opened , yet un-manned register checkout, they engaged in a bit of small talk.!
"We got everything?"
"Foremost Mlik. Coupl'a loaves of  Sunbeam. Morton Salt, pinto beans...", KC recited, glancing over the cart's contents, "Lettuce,  Tide &... Rice Krispies ?" KC grimaced & shook his head."Don't know how ya eat them thangs !"
"Don't ya 'member that Monkees commercial 8 or so years ago ? The jingle ?" EuEarl cleared his throat then sang, " 'K-E- double L. Oh, double good. Kelloggs Best to You !' ". He smiled, assumed a 'Ta-Dah'-like pose &  awaited KC's critique.
KC suppressed a grin ( EuEarl's vocal tones, plus his ad libbed gestures, were undeniably cute ! ) & stated as stoned faced as he could, "I wuz full-time cowboyin' back then. Weren't no time fer TV watching !"
"Too bad for you.", was EuEarl's flippant reply.
" 'Sides," KC added, "Monkeys singin' 'bout cereal wouldn'tuh made me wanna eat none."
EuEarl, realizing KC wasn't joking, gave him an exaggerated roll of the eyes !  "Not monkeys the animals ! The Monkees. The singing group !"  At the sight of KC's authentically clueless expression, EuEarl sighed. "You Grand Old Op'ry types sure live in a bubble, don't ya? ! KC, love, please tell me you've, at least, heard of the Beatles & I don't mean the kind you swat off your radishes !"
KC laughed. "I done heard of the Beatles !" KC shook his arms & torso in an ungainly manner & quite off key, sang " 'Yeah. Yeah. Yeah !'... See ?"   EuEarl laughed out loud ! KC shrugged. "Pretty awful, huh ? I cain't sing worth a durn ! " 
EuEarl placed his hand on KC's & squeezed. "Well, babe, I don't think either one of us is ready for the Hollywood Palace !" 
"Or Ed Sullivan ! But then, ain't neither one a'them on TV no more !"  called out a loud voice, which was immediately followed by the sound of a toilet flushing. KC jumped & blushed red, while EuEarl was much relieved to hear the following sounds of a faucet tap being being run, then turned off & a paper towel being dispensed.
"What're y'all talkin' 'bout Monkees & Beatles for ?", continued the voice. "Y'all planning some sort'a Woodstocky riot or somethin' ?"  Out of a door just off to the left, next to the manager's booth, walked Vernice Voutrelle, in heels which made a much sharper clack against the linoleum than one would expect. She wore a beehive gravitationally defiant above her heavily powdered & colorfully illustrated face. Vernice's middle-aged features were given little assistance for all her cosmetic applications. Not because she was an ugly woman, but for the contrary. A few less strokes here & there would have allowed her natural & somewhat above average attractiveness to come through far more vividly.
"Queen Vernice !", EuEarl proclaimed. "Back from her throne room, I see ! No. ma'am, Woodstock & Peace 'n' Love are Out ! Nowadays, Texxas Jamm Gritty Hardcore Arena Rock are In!"   
Vernice waved her right hand upward in a gesture of benign dismissal at EuEarl's earlier joke veiled criticism & sniffed through a smile," It's all 'bout the same ol' thang by a differ'nt name, which is Sex !" She  reached into the pocket of  her store apron  to retrieve a pack of Parliament cigarettes & a thick, clunky silver butane lighter. Clamping the filter tip tightly between her rubied lips, Vernice flipped opened the lighter, which immediately blazed into life. A few quick puffs was all it took before the front area of FEES GROCERY was shrouded in a tobacco'd haze . "Be with you boys in a minute." she said, proceeding to make herself comfortable atop the ice cream cooler !  
"Don't let pay'n customers bother ya none.", KC groused under his breath.
"Well," EuEarl whispered good naturedly. "It ain't like we're in a hurry."
 "We hav'ta wait much longer them pinto beans is gonna sprout !", KC said.
"Y'know, Vernice, y'all ought'a think about installing a magazine rack." EuEarl said, tactfully hoping to help things along.
"Too much dust & bother.", she puffed." So, how're you boys doing today ?"
"Fine. Fine. And you ?"
"Boy, I want to tell you I'm worn out. Other gal Sylvie called in sick, so's I'm workin' the front alone. Workin' register & stockin' ! Hmphhh ! She's sick, my aunt fanny ! Out carousin' last night with that 'lectrician Odell from Olney, I know for a fact.  She bought two pairs'a L'Eggs 'fore she left work yesterday & ya know what that means ! And on her time of  month, too ! You wait. She'll be draggin' in a'pukin' in a few months time, y'all mark my words. He's gettin' a divorce or so he says. He ain't livin' with his wife currently, that's true, but a friend'a mine in Olney who knows his wife's momma ..." Vernice stopped for a quick inhalation of oxygen & smoke. " Well, she says the momma told her that his father-in-law just paid $1500 fer some fool thing or other...House taxes or a boat, I think she says it was.... that Odell owed money on !  And I wanna tell ya, a man fixin' to leave his wife or done already left ain't hardly gettin' no boat money from her daddy !" Vernice took a long, deep drag off her cigarette. EuEarl took his chance & changed the subject.
"Uh....How's Maureen these days ?" Maureen was Vernice's grown daughter from her first marriage.
"That fool girl ? Fat & lazy, but fine !" Her brow furrowed involuntarily, as it always did when the name 'Maureen' crossed her lips ! "Now, she's one for Beatles & Monkees ! Us'ta sit around & watch them durn Monkees every week when she was little. Hadda have all they records & junk, so I made her work with me here on weekends to earn her own money. Then, on her 12th birthday, nothin' would do but that she had'ta see 'em in a movie at the New Isis Theater in Ft. Worth with all her little friends ! Betty Ann Munger, Nanci Parks & Nadine Hennessy !  A three hour round trip, I want ya to know ! I loaded her & her friends int'a my new Buick & I want you to know that Nanci Parks gal got sick on my new cloth back seat on the way ! And more fool me for lettin' her come along, too ! Any child who's momma & daddy spells a simple name like Nancy with an "I" is bound to be trouble & if you meet Miss Nanci now with her husband & their 3 younguns, you'll see how that whole family ain't right ! "
EuEarl, somewhat shell shocked, missed the opening that Vernice's sudden cessation of speech offered. But by the time he realized, it was too late !
" So, I stopped at a GULF station that had a carwash to clean it up & I don't particular like GULF gasoline. I always get SINCLAIR, 'cause ya got some really lovely glassware they was offerin', at the time !... SO ! Maureen starts howling that, 'We're gon' be late ! We're gon' be late !'  Like they weren't gonna show that damn picture at least 9 times that day, but noooo ! Nothing would do, but that we had to be there for the first showing ! Then that Nanci Parks gal starts pukin' up again & gets her dress all messy in front ! Now, seems to me, if your child is prone to be car sick, you'd tell a body that ! But them Parks was then & is now, the most inconsiderate people on God's green earth ! I loaned Miz Parks on'a my gold plated bundt cake pans once & I want you to know, when she brung it back, it was dented AND scratched ! So, I said, ' Mary , did you drop my pan ?' And I want you to know what she said back !  'Oh, yeah, honey, but don't worry. I'd took the cake out first !'  Face showin' not a bit of shame, neither ! Now is that right, I ask you ?! And her with the nerve to spell her daughter's name at the end with an "I", too ! "
Normally patient & contained KC exploded ! "We got company coming, Vernice ! Will ya ring us up already ?! We's in a hurry !"
EuEarl, surprised, but cool, did his best to suppress a guffaw !
Vernice stubbed out her 2/3rds gone cigarette & puffed up her indignation ! ." Now you just hold yer horses, KC Hollins ! I'm on my break & I ain't puttin' up with no rude bad mouth'n from you !"
EuEarl interceded. "KC's wasn't meaning to be rude, Vernie ! He's just anxious to have everything ready in time for his company !"
Vernice's antennae perked up !" '...His company' ?  Ain't his 'friend' no friend of your'n, too ?"
Taken off guard by the question, EuEarl merely shook his head, but KC , in a near snarl, said, "No, he ain't , Vernice ! He's my friend ! MINE !! Yew got a problem with it ?!"
Vernice's expression turned dangerously sweet & serene as she got up from the ice cream cooler to walk her somewhat numbed ass towards the cash register.  "I got no problem either way.", Vernice began. " Of course, if'n your 'friend' was a woman, that could be a problem ...Add one woman & two men, in most cases, & a big mess's bound to be the backwash ! Lucky thang 'bout you two boys, though, is ain't no woman ever like to cause no mess 'twixt good, good friends like y'all are ! Ain't that right ?" & having wielded one final 2 for 1 bargain of her own, asked " Got any coupons ?" !
KC's face turned a deep deep shade of  purple which had the curious effect of making his red hair appear as a blaze of angry red flame beneath his hat ! EuEarl maintained his affable demeanor, but something in what Vernice had said triggered, or perhaps revealed, a nagging sense of discomfort about KC's friend Tecumseh & his upcoming visit ! 
The remainder of their shopping experience went off without further incident, but the minute they'd exited the threshold of FEES with their shopping cart of bagged groceries, KC, through clinched teeth & tight lips, growled , " I'd like'ta stuff her fat ass insid'a that cooler someday & puke a load'a "I's" all ov'uh her !"

"Sometimes, inappropriate fun is the MOST FUN!..."

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Honeymoon Guests

Literally, before Bob had time to set the parking brake,after pulling into the graveled drive, Tecumseh had crawled over him & lept out of his vehicle. 
Having driven from Dayton, Ohio that morning into Illinois, he & Tecumseh were now at the furthest most southern tip of that state, where the Ohio & Mississippi Rivers meet. They'd taken the next to last exit off the highway, as instructed, before crossing the state line into Missouri. Friends of Tecumseh's, Kenny Wyatt & his girlfriend Susie, lived nearby. Just before he & Bob had left Ohio early that morning, he'd called ahead to see if it would be convenient for the two of them to stop by. The number, which Tecumseh hadn't used in over a year, had been dis-connected, but fortunately the operator had found their new number & dialed it for him. Kenny had said that it would not only be convenient, but mandatory for them to stop by  ! Also, that Tecumseh & his friend were welcome to stay overnight, as well, if they liked !
It had been Kenny who had facilitated Tecumseh's entry into porn work, initially. After he'd quit his rodeo clown gig, he'd found himself  in New York City at loose ends, with a rapidly thinning wallet. By chance, he & Kenny had crossed paths while literally crossing Times Square, from opposite sides. Kenny, already an established name in the Straight Migdet Porn world, had been on his way to a shoot. As with most minorities, when you stumble upon your own kind, you reach out to connect, even if with no more than a amiable nod in their direction, but on this specific occasion, the porn shoot Kenny was headed for happened to have a wild west theme ! And hundreds of years after the initial sell of Staten Island, Native Americans weren't exactly thick on the ground in the Big Apple ! While Kenny didn't believe in Providence, he very much believed in leaping on an opportunity when one presented itself !
Theatrically, Kenny had raised his right hand, palm out & in a joking tone, had said, "HOW !  Hey, Tiny Tonto, how'd ya like to make $100 for an afternoon of snatch tag ? " 
"That depends.", had been Tecumseh's dry reply. "Is the offer still open after I kick your ass for calling me 'Tiny Tonto' ?!"
Kenny, all the while noticing Tecumseh's face harden & his hands form into fists, had let out a huge laugh ! He'd patted Tecumseh repeatedly on both his shoulders & said, " Bud, you & me are gonna be great friends for a very long time !" 
And so they were !

Bob watched as the two short studs chest bumped & kidded one another on how "...Run down, old & ugly!" the other had gotten since they'd last seen each other two years ago. Bob felt a little guilty for it, but as he watched them together, he couldn't help briefly imagining the two of them naked & sweaty together ! He immediately shook the thought out of his head !
"Lost the mustache, I see." 
"Had to. It'd gotten so long, I was tripping on it !"
"You're still trippin' !", Tecumseh howled ! "Bob ! Bob ! Come on over here & meet my man, Kenny !"
Bob stepped out of his long blue ride, walked over to Kenny & extended his hand. " Hi, Mr. Wyatt."
Kenny barked jovially,. "Fuck that 'Mr. Wyatt' shit, man ! Name's Kenny ! Put 'er there !"
They shook hands. "Kenny", Bob corrected." It's really nice of you & your wife... uhm, I mean girlfriend... to put us up for the night !"
"No trouble, Bob... !" Kenny began to say more, but Tecumseh interrupted. " Where's Susie at ? Not in the house baking, is she ?  I warned her not to let you read  The Stepford Wives !"
Kenny guffawed. "Naw...Susie ain't here. Meant to tell ya earlier on the phone, Cumseh. She's at her sister's this week showing off our new baby !"
" 'Baby' !?!", Tecumseh exclaimed, wide eyed "You guys had a Baby ?!"
Kenny nodded. "Three weeks ago last Tuesday. A little girl ! Would'a let ya know, but you never seem to be rooted anywhere !"
"True enough, 'til now.". Tecumseh winked in Bob's direction. "Well, fuck ! Congratulations, man !" Tecumseh hugged his friend again. "Damn ! A Baby ! What's her name ?"
"Tiffany Anne Wyatt", Kenny groaned amusedly. "Susie's idea. Can ya imagine a daughter of mine named Tiffany Anne ? "
"I can't imagine a daughter of yours !", Tecumseh laughed.
"Yeah. It's pretty cool !". Kenny smiled contentedly. "Now, I got two of the most beautiful women on Earth in my Life !"
Bob felt a twinge as he listened, remembering his own two kids that he'd left behind. 
"C'mon, you two. Let's go inside & get you guys settled !"
Bob reached into the backseat for his & Cumseh's overnight bags. As he did, Kenny leaned in & whispered into Tecumseh's ear, " Married up, I see !"

"So, how'd you & your wife meet ?", Bob asked, later that night. The three of them sat on the living room floor, in front of an enormous fireplace, eating pizza & sipping wine on a shaggy white throw rug . Kenny & Susie's house was a large two story . Almost a mansion to Bob's eyes. 12 rooms, 4 baths, with a 3 auto capacity garage & a large elevated deck pool/ jacuzzi out back ! "Bought & paid for by the toil & sweat of my prick ! ", Kenny had joked truthfully, earlier that evening. 
He had retired from the 'jizz biz'  two & a half years ago with a hefty sum that he'd shrewdly invested. Unbeknownst to most people, Kenny had come from a fairly well off mid-western banking family. He'd always been a popular kid & straight A student . He'd eventually graduate college with both a Business & Social Sciences Degree. And from the moment Kenny had felt that diploma in his hand, he'd known that his course in Life was gonna take a majorly radical trajectory ! 
Unlike Tecumseh, Kenny's own entry into the porn business had been thought out & deliberate. The day he'd hit New York City, he'd scanned the trades, made a list of potential employers & presented himself, pants down & cock erect, available for immediate employment. And almost overnight, he'd gone from comic novelty to headlining Porn Star ! True; Midget porn was a small niche market, no pun intended, but during his tenure, Kenny Wyatt ( He'd never considered using anything other than his real name.) dominated the genre like a Goliath !
It was while attending the Monterey Jazz Fest in '67, after shooting YOUNG MAN WITH A HARD HORN, that he'd met Susie ! " Man, I'd fucked every type of woman there is by that point, but when I met Susie, it felt like I was seeing the Female Sex for the very first time. We were simpatico right off the bat ! Some conversation, some pot, and  3 hours of  some of the most mind blowing fucking I'd ever experienced, all the while  listening to The WHO, Hendrix, Ravi Shankar & Joplin..." Kenny was almost rapt, caught up in the memory !" I knew. She knew. We moved in together the next day ! Been together ever since."
Kenny tossed his half eatened pizza in the box. " And I know you're wondering, 'What about the Porn' ? I told her all about it before we fucked that first time. She was cool with it. Like she's been cool with everything to do with me."
Kenny stood up & stretched."Mutual respect. Mutual understanding. That's a big part of what makes it work for us. What'll make it work for you guys, too." Kenny  walked over to Bob & stood with his legs slightly more parted than necessary. Bob, mouth full of pizza, stopped in mid chew. Something was on the verge of happening... or was he mis-reading Kenny's signals ?
"Susie understands that sometimes, I need some variety. And so long as I let her know, she doesn't mind occasionally inviting someone or more to join us. Know what I mean, Bob ?"
Bob did & he swallowed, but remained silent.
At that moment, as Kenny's hand slipped down to his crotch & began to kneed his wares, Tecumseh walked up to Kenny & slipping his arms around him from behind, began to nibble his way up the back of Kenny's neck, suckled on his earlobe momentarily, then jabbed his hot, moist tongue into Kenny's ear !
"Cumseh can tell ya.", Kenny gasped, tilting his head backward. " Susie & me. We're very open minded."
Cumseh looked up & with one eye on Bob, spoke softly, "It's alright, babe. No guy who's had one midget, hasn't wondered what it'd be like to have two." Tecumseh lowered his hands & began to undo Kenny's pants. Once they were unclasped, then un-zipped, he pulled out Kenny's hard cock & gripping it at the base, wagged it at his lover,cooing, "So, c'mon now, Bob. Find out !"

"Sometimes, inappropriate fun is the MOST FUN!..."

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Domino Fell At Midnight

"...And now, tonight's feature presentation, Doris Day & Rex Harrison star in MIDNIGHT LACE !"

It was an unexpectedly cool April evening on the Mud Flat. There had been a brief,  powerful gully washer of a rain storm that afternoon, & a tornado had touched down near Tahopke, but now the Texas skies had  exhausted their cloud based reservoirs & replaced the earlier unseasonaby hot weather with a cool Spring breeze.  Mindful of the oppressive heat that would soon head their way come Summer, EuEarl had suggested what he & KC had come to call a Drive-In Night ! That's when they would move the kitchen table, along with a couple of chairs, to the part of the back porch directly behind their bedroom. They would place their 24 inch Quasar atop the chest-of-drawers, facing outward in the opened window .
Following dinner, the plan was to play Dominos while watching the ODD COUPLE & LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE, then head for bed. However, once EuEarl heard the late movie line up, MIDNIGHT LACE & PORTRAIT IN BLACK, he knew bed would have to wait. EuEarl had seen both films the year they came out, 1960, and he had enjoyed them both. However, aside from their plots & their leading ladies, EuEarl had his own private & personal reasons for having fond memories of the two flicks. In both cases afterward, once he'd returned to barracks, gone to bed & fallen asleep, he had envisioned himself starring opposite those films two leading men, John Gavin & John Saxon respectively, in what could delicately be described as a not particularly Ross Hunter style production ! It would be nine years before another film would have that same effect, that being  BUTCH CASSIDY & THE SUNDANCE KID ! And that film had ended up being a massive sheet stainer ! In the intervening years, his ardor for Gavin had become as cool as that actor's persona was not, whereas Saxon continued to engage the interest of EuEarl's inner erotic director !
 For all of that, though, it was KC who appeared distracted through out the evening. KC, by no definition a glutton, had mostly picked at his food, so that couldn't, taken alone, have seemed particularly unusual. But during the course of their Dominos game, EuEarl began to suspect that something was up ! Dominos was KC's game & tonight, for the most part, his skills had been as asleep as the extra pieces in the boneyard !
The film had reached the scene were Day is trapped inside a stalled elevator ( EuEarl always enjoyed picturing John Gavin nude, with the exception of a heavily loaded tool belt about his waist, descending into the car ! ). As Day's character began to freak out, she let out a scream, which managed to pierce KC's un-engaged consciousness. Like a frightened colt, KC had bolted upward, tipping the table & sending domino tiles, points pad & pencil, as well as EuEarl's freshly opened beer, all crashing to the floor !
EuEarl stared quizzically at KC. He tilted his head slightly to the right & let out a sigh. Then, almost wearily, he said, "Okay, KC. Tell me. What is it ?"
KC, who had sat motionless up to that point, hurriedly said, "I knocked over the dominos !", then leaned over sideways to begin gathering the errant pieces & to duck EuEarl's gaze !
EuEarl meanwhile, had leaned sideways as well to grope for his emptying beer can. " What made you jump like that ?", he asked patiently.
"The movie. Her screamin'. Weren't figurin' it t'be her husband !". KC grasped madly for the scattered  domino tiles, but couldn't seem to hold more than 2 at a time before dropping them again to the ground.
"That don't happen 'til later, KC." EuEarl decided to take a shot. "Is this something to do with your friend coming to visit ?"
KC was shocked. Part of his anxiety was based on how he would tell EuEarl about Tecumseh's pending arrival. How could he know about that already ? Reading KC's mind, EuEarl said, " Q-Bubba told me. He read the card before he gave it to ya. " EuEarl waited for that to sink in, then added, "So, who's this Tecumseh ? And why's his comin' here got you so rattled ?"
KC folded his lips, but sat up to face his lover. Hesitantly, he stammered out, "Cumseh...he's, he's muh friend. Him & me was rodeo clowns t'gether an'', uh...", KC gulped audibly, but EuEarl waited him out.
"Tecumseh. He's a... he makes... midget pornos."
EuEarl was starting to get angry ! " Look, KC, I'm being patient as I know how here, but if you're just gonna fuck around... !"
" I ain't fuckin' around none, EuEarl ! Tecumseh. He makes midget pornos. " KC got up from the table & walked over domino tiles into the house. EuEarl could hear him rummaging in the bedroom, & in a matter of seconds, he returned outside with a book. Actually, a magazine."This here.", KC said, dropping the mag, front cover up, on the table before EuEarl.  "This here guy Tomy Hawkin, 'Lil Big Fuck'. That's Tecumseh !"
EuEarl looked down incredulous. It was the skin mag he'd bought on a whim months ago that he'd found so funny ! " 'Tomy 8 Inch Hawkin' ! This little guy's your friend Tecumseh ?!". KC nodded.
EuEarl quickly flipped through the magazine. "And you thought I'd be upset 'cause your friend does porn ?"
"Well, I...", KC began, only EuEarl interrupted by suddenly standing up & throwing his arms around his worried cowboy. He kissed him, after which he began to laugh. "Oh, KC ! KC ! What a sheltered life you've lived ! Wha' did you think; I'd walk out on ya over this ?" he said, continuing to hold KC tightly. "Babe, so long as your friend's not a member of the Klan or the faculty at Oral Roberts University, I don't give a flying fig what he does for a living ! Especially if it's porn ! Hell ! Who doesn't secretly wanna get paid for being laid ?!" EuEarl laughed out loud again & smiled. "That's an Elton John line, I think !"
 Seeing the not quite relieved expression on KC's face, EuEarl's heart swelled & he leaned forward 'til their noses touched. " You don't ever hav'ta be afraid to tell me things; okay ? I love you, ya crazy goat roper ! We're partners. 'Ceptin' for legalities & a ring, you & me are practically married, which means 'Til Death Do Us Part' ! Death ! Got it ? " He gripped KC's crotch & squeezed. "And I wouldn't place odds on that even !"
EuEarl slid his right cheek alongside KC's left & held him closer. "Feelin' better, now?", he whispered softly.
"Uh, huh."
"Then let's hit the sack, champ !" Reluctantly breaking their embrace, EuEarl looked down again at the magazine, DWARF FUCK'D, & with a smirk, looked back at KC. " You & me are too tall & too short to exactly duplicate some of the stuff  lil Tomy & his pal are gettin' up to here, but I'm willing to try 'em, if you are !"
 As EuEarl lead him into the house, KC felt relieved. Very relieved. More relieved, in fact, than he knew he had any right to feel. Because Tecumseh's making midget pornos was only a part, & hardly the biggest part, of what he needed to explain to EuEarl.
And soon .

"Sometimes, inappropriate fun is the MOST FUN!..."

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Miles Out From Dearborn

Bob had been glancing down at his gas gauge regularly for the past 40 minutes since the slender red arrow on the gauge had hit 'E' . Their journey had begun at dawn, tank full, in Toronto. Tecumseh had wanted to do a straight shot to Dearborn, but Bob had other commitments first. Bob knew it would be a long time before he ever set foot in Canada again & there were certain "goodbyes" to be made before he left. He'd spoken to his little son & daughter by phone briefly the night before, which had been as difficult as he'd expected it to be, despite the fact that he hadn't lived at home with them in over 6 months. Detouring from their planned route the next morning, they drove to Guelph, Bob's home town, to see his parents . That, too, had been awkward & strained, as Bob's parents were both well aware of Bob's current circumstances, the most obvious example of which could be seen plainly from the front window, leaning against the passenger side door of Bob's car. Then afterward, incredibly to Tecumseh, Bob had insisted on visiting the Church of Our Lady Immaculate in Guelph . "Just wanna hug an old friend goodbye.", Bob had said. Once again, Tecumseh had waited in the car, having little use for places of worship. He had begun to feel a bit impatient with Bob, but he kept quiet about it.  Unlike himself, he knew Bob had many strong ties to his home, family & community, all currently stretched thin. So, Tecumseh wanted to make this tough transition as simple as possible for him.
It wasn't very long, a mere 10 minutes or so, before the Bob & Cumseh New Road Ahead Show pulled out from the parking lot of Our Lady, motoring joyfully on it's way ! Now, several hours later, both men, like Bob's car , were tired & in need of a fill up !
"There's a station a mile up ahead", Bob said, referencing the sign they'd just past. "I'm gonna stop; okay ?"
Tecumseh, who was laid out on the front passenger seat , with his head resting on Bob's right thigh, replied without opening his eyes, " Sounds like a winner to me !"
Soon Bob was pulling his beloved finned & heavily chromed, blue '59 Plymouth along side an available gas pump. As he reached for the door handle, he heard Tecumseh pipe up, "I'll pump while you pay, babe !" . Tecumseh scooted over to exit on Bob's side & added, " Say, get me somethin' to snack on. Chips & a soda or something !"
"They might have hot dogs, too.", Bob said.
"Naw !", Tecumseh called after him. "Some snacks'll tied me over. I'd rather have a proper meal once we hit Dearborn."
"Okay ! Pump $20, Cumseh !"
It took very little time to fill the car's tank, so once done, he decided to make a pit stop in the station's mensroom .
Bob had paid for the gas first, so he could take his time to browse through the snack aisles. He picked up a couple of bags of  Cheez Jeez & tried unsuccessfully to ignore the cupcake rack. "I could do extra crunches tonight.", Bob thought to himself. "Nawwww !" Grabbing a soda from the cooler, Bob stepped  in line behind two other customers. Just ahead of him was a young man, early twenties from Bob's estimation, wearing an undershirt & hip hugging jeans. The young man's physique," Rather like Mark Spitz's !" , Bob thought, was exceptional. And the tight blue jeans not only hugged, but concisely  split & enhanced the young man's Nature given assets ! Now, Bob was relatively new to being comfortable & in touch with his same-sex urges. In the short space of time from their initial meeting, Tecumseh had almost literally blown the doors off  Bob's inhibitions, sexually or otherwise. Though he still knew to behave publicly with discretion, it didn't seem either wrong or obvious of him to take in & appreciate the beautiful vision Fate had placed ahead of him.  "Hot piece of ass !", Bob thought, as he discreetly adjusted his burgeoning crotch , " But he's got nothing on my Cumseh !" Stepping up to the counter once the young man had stepped away, Bob placed his items on the counter & looked up at the security mirror above & behind the counter." I need to comb my hair.", he thought.

Outside, Tecumseh was rounding the corner, having left the mensroom, when he just missed being run into by a young man, obviously pre-occupied."Whoa !! Sorry there, little man ! Didn't see ya there !" 
Tecumseh bristled at the "little man" comment, but tamped down his annoyance. "Forget it.", Tecumseh said & started on his way, only to be held back by the young man's hand on his shoulder. " Say, be on your guard. There's a faggot inside !"

"Just a second, please."  Bob smiled at the old gentleman behind the counter. "Those Hostess cupcakes are calling to me !!"

"Yeah. I'm standin' in line waitin' & I see this queer behind me, in the mirror, groovin' on my ass!"
Tecumseh stood silently, his face perfectly masking the growing anger behind it.
The young guy continued, " That muther-fucker was poppin' a fuckin' woodie tryin' to crawl up my asshole ! Fucker was droolin' like Liberace at a Boy Scouts Rally !" He laughed derisively ! " So, watch out little man. He might take ya for a little boy & y'know them faggots love 'em some sweet baby boy bootie !"
Tecumseh's hands had tightened into balled fists ! As he stared up into the still laughing young man's face, he stated quietly, "Not all of us. ". With lightening speed, his right arm drew back, then sprang forward, landing a rock solid, crushing blow to the young man's crotch ! The young man's face turned a deep burgundy as he doubled over, falling to his knees. Then, before hitting the ground, the contents of his stomach began to spew from his mouth onto the blacktop ! 
Glowering over the incapacitated youngster, Tecumseh sneered, " For instance, this big ol' Najavi faggot grooves on MAN Ass !!"

The cashier was counting out Bob's change, when the entry door suddenly banged opened ! It was Cumseh ! "  Bob ! Let's go ! NOW !!"
"Just baggin' up my...", Bob began, but Tecumseh had already stormed off ! Bob hadn't known Tecumseh long, but he realized immediately that Cumseh was serious, angry &, Bob was completely convinced, very likely to leave without him if he didn't follow ASAP ! Bob scooped up his newly bought chips, leaving the rest of his purchases on the counter. Once outside, Bob quickly spied the young stud he'd earlier been admiring writhing on the ground. "What the... Cumseh ? Cumseh ?!". Bob sprinted over the heaving homo-phobe.


"Sometimes, inappropriate fun is the MOST FUN!..."
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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Visit Is Announced

 The large red Polara had just come screeching to a sudden halt, sending up a cloud of dust & gravel, before it's occupant yelled out for the second time, "UNCLES !!"
EuEarl looked up briefly from what he was doing in the direction of his partner KC, who'd been pushing the hand mower. "There's our boy !",  he quipped, followed by a quick wink, as he then resumed his work. EuEarl was installing a new blower wheel on their outdoor generator. Living smack in the middle of the Flat, miles away from Euwalla, the nearest town, the sole powerline to their home was often apt to go down after a big storm. And an early experience had shown that they would likely be last on the utility lineman's repair & service list, too. So, they'd bought a discounted generator at a flea market in Tahopke. Since then, EuEarl had made it his solemn mission to keep their back up power supply in good working condition via regular maintenance &, when finances permitted, upgrades ! Luckily, EuEarl had more than average knowledge of most any kind of motorized machinery, thanks to his 4 year 'mentorship' with Uncle Sam. " I'm not much of a soldier, but I am one terrific Mr. Fixit ! ", he would often say.  
"How's my fav'rite uncles this fine day ?", asked Q-Bubba, bounding towards them both. 
"Jest fine !", KC responded, genuinely pleased by his nephew's visit. He was also genuinely pleased to have an excuse for a quick break ! Although there wasn't much grass on the Flat this early in the Spring, what there was was already quite high, particularly around the generator. It was too early for snakes, but he'd hated the idea of EuEarl squatting in the high weeds, all the same. KC had only intended to do the immediate area around the generator, but once he'd begun, it simply made sense to continue on. He'd already finished the back yard & was debating starting on the front when Q-Bubba drove up !  
Q-Bubba gave KC a big bear hug. " Don't go huggin' me, son.", KC protested. "I smell like ol' field hand ! "
"So ?", Q-Bubba laughed, "Ya ain't findin' me smellin' of roses, are ya ?"
"No, but I sure am hearin' bees a'buzzin' in yer head, ya fool boy.", KC tried to sound stern, but his broad smile undercut his intent. Q-Bubba gave him a quick peck on the cheek, then released him. He then scooted over to EuEarl & leaning forward, applied a similarly strong & heartfelt embrace. " You smellin' roses on me,  Unc ?"
In the middle of tightening a lug nut, EuEarl held fast to the wrench in his left hand & with his right arm, he gave Q-Bubba a backhanded jiffy squeeze. "You are buzzy, but nope. I don't smell roses on ya. Just youth , with a slight whiff of your last trick's cologne, I think !"
Q-Bubba roared out loud. "Awww, Uncle, I swear ! You say 'bout anythang !" He slapped EuEarl gently on his back, kissed his cheek as he had KC's, then stood and leaned against the generator shed. "That's some Hai Karate ol' Doryl gimme on Christmas. BJ likes the smell on me ! Kind'a gets to 'im !"
Having met BJ , a Swedish exchange student who's actual name was Bjorn, EuEarl attributed this last statement to wishful thinking on his nephew's part. " Poor kid's so smack dab in love with that freezer pop !", he said to himself, but out loud & somewhat sardonically,
 " Just be careful how you use it !"
KC had walked over to the back porch t& retrieved a soda from the cooler setting there. He tossed it to Q-Bubbba. "So, what's brung ya out this way, boy ? Weren't 'spectin' t'see ya 'til the weekend !"
Q-Bubba twisted off the bottle cap & took several full gulps of  it's contents." Me & BJ is goin' rollerskatin' over in Denton tomorrow night after class & I wanna wear muh fancy banlon shirt. Y' know, the one with Iggy Pop & Jerry Reed on it ! "
EuEarl chuckled quietly to himself ! It tickled him to realize that, not quite in his mid 30's, he was already on the opposite side of the Generation Gap !
"I figured I'd pick it on up today !"
KC nodded. "Well, it's hangin' in yer closet, along with yer other duds !"
"Suh-WEET !", Q-Bubba exclaimed. For the next half hour, as EuEarl worked intermittantly installing the blow wheel, the three chatted & caught up. Q-Bubba brought them up to date on his latest courses. He attended Allenvale University, a small, yet prestigious college, that often gave it's nearby rival SMU a run for the money both scholastically & athletically ! EuEarl, though a high school graduate, had enlisted within weeks of his own Graduation & KC had only gotten as far as a single semester of 9th Grade before dropping out. They were both very proud of their nephew, who had worked hard for years to earn the grades & the money that attending Allenvale U. would require ! He was now in his Freshman year & fully immersed in the college  experience.
Quentin Bubba McClintock had officially come into their lives when he was 10 years old. At age 7, he had been taken in by Miss Eula, who had also played the role of benefactress, as well as dear friend, to both KC & EuEarl individually & then later, after bringing them together on that hot July wedding day ! Once she'd introduced them to young Quentin as "Uncle Earl" & "Uncle KC" their titles & roles were permanantly struck. At first, KC & EuEarl had expressed some misgivings at becoming a young boy's male role models, but Miss Eula's answer to this was, "You're Perfect Role Models, so that's settled . ". And it wasn't long before they'd both fallen in love with the little guy. Dropping him off at school, taking him to games or the amusement parks,celebrating birthdays & holidays... it was like re-living their own childhoods, as they wished they had been. In time Miss Eula, well into her 90's , died, a mere 3 weeks after Q-Bubba had finished 9th grade. Though she'd left a Will clearly stating her wishes, it had been immediately contested by a distant relative. The day following her funeral, Q-Bubba moved in with his Uncles EuEarl & KC .
While many in the town raised an eyebrow & whispered amongst themselves, for the most part, no one interfered with them. Miss Eula had cast a wide cloak of protection over them that evidently extended even beyond the grave. 
( Although, there was the one incident. That following school year, sometime around Homecoming, a senior on the track team had sneered , " I hear there's a coupl'a queers at your house."  Just before punctuating his words with a fist to the kid's nose, Q-Bubba had corrected, "Yer wrong there, friend. At my house, there's three queers !"  Ka-POW ! He'd grabbed the guy by the jersey & helped him up. "You can call me whatever ya want, whenever ya want, if ya think it wise, but don't even think about bad mouthin' my uncles to me, never, y'hear ?!"
The senior heard, as did everybody else that day.  And while his actions landed him a week's suspension. it never-the-less made the point to everyone, students & faculty alike, that whatever Quentin Bubba McClintock was, he was not a pussy ! And from that point on, at his own insistence, he was known as 'Q-Bubba'.  )
Eventually the conversation returned to the Iggy Pop/Jerry Reed shirt that he'd come for & Q-Bubba bolted towards the house, then stopped dead ! 
"Oops ! Nearly forgot !" 
He turned on his booted heels, ran over to the passenger side of his car & reached into the glove compartment ! Finding what he was after, he returned & as he passed KC he said, "This was in the post box !",& he frisbeed the postcard to KC ! " Hey, Uncle Earl, I wanted t'ask ya...."
KC stared at the twin race flags pictured on the front for a bit, before turning it over. On the back, a printed caption at the top read,
"Speedway, Indiana. Home of the Indianapolis 500 !"
and underneath, in small cursive script, was written,  
" Heading your way, with news ! Tecumseh"

As EuEarl & Q-Bubba obliviously carried on with their conversation, in KC's mind, two words kept repeating over & over & over again,

"Sometimes, inappropriate fun is the MOST FUN!..."

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